Dear Contest participants!

We received 80 outstanding videos about Russian people, objects, ideas and innovations whose impact can be found in America today and serves as an example of our shared history and values.  All videos were evaluated by a team of experts including representatives of the Fort Ross Conservancy, U.S. and Russian professors of history, IT specialists, and international relations experts.

We are excited to announce 12 semi-finalist teams to be invited for the Skype interview.

1.     Glazov, ValenOchki

2.     Khabarovsk, LIT Team

3.     Khuzhir settelment, Baikal Rangers

4.     Krasnoyarsk, Time Travellers

5.     Novomoskovsk, AdAstra

6.     Petrozavodsk, Nothern lights

7.     Saint Petersburg, Lace of Fate

8.     Saint Petersburg, Wordplayers

9.     Syktyvkar, Dream Big

10.  Tolyatti, States of Space Flock In a Pace

11.  Tula, Tula Access Team


We congratulate all teams for their efforts and thank everyone who participated!

The Contest's final results will be announced in early March.

First step
Create a team of 4
It must be 3 students (14-17 years old as of January 1, 2020) and 1 teacher. All team members must be proficient in English. One teacher cannot lead more than one team. One team should submit no more than one video. Winners of the 2015 - 2019 Fort Ross contests are not eligible to participate.
First step
Second step
Conduct a research
Find a person in your community who went to America and made a meaningful contribution to American life, society, culture, or business. Or look for something that was created in Russia and then found its way to America and is in active use today. It could be a physical object, an invention or innovation (technological, cultural, linguistic or culinary) that has survived until today. Teams who are able to find physical evidence of the facts (documents, books, items) or can interview someone in their community will be prioritized. We encourage you to search for a story that is not about world famous people or innovations. Make a video, cartoon, animation, or film.
Second step
Third step
Make a video, cartoon, animation, or film your comic book story or artistic creation.
Create a video, animation or cartoon that describes a Russian person, object, idea or innovation whose impact can be found in America today and serves as an example of our shared history and values. The video should be about ONE thing (an object, invention, innovation, etc.) and serves as an example of our common culture and shared values. What was it? How did it get here? How has it been preserved to this day?
Third step
Third step
Create a presentation
As part of the application process, each team should submit a presentation – a link to a private video with a short introduction by the team. The presentation should be no more than 2 minutes (summary of the video).
Third step
Final step
Upload your video and submit before January 15!
The winners will travel to the United States in July 2020, they will visit New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Sitka, Alaska, and will participate in the annual Fort Ross Festival.
Final step